Monday, August 04, 2008

Flanagan on the Foshay
Who's your favorite Star Tribune columnist? Kersten? Coleman? Reusse? Me, I love Barbara Flanagan. I think of her as our very own Jane Jacobs, obsessing over sidewalks, public toilets and outdoor dining. In today's column, Flanagan waxes about her love of the Foshay Tower, describes past encounters with the building and praises Ralph Burnet for the new Foshay, which will open as a W hotel in a couple of weeks. For an inside look at the new Foshay, consider dropping $60 on the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota party on Aug. 22.

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jennifer said...

I saw the building while it was under construction. And it was striking even then. Glad to see that it is aging well, and well used. How can you post shots of it without one of the giant, pixelated, Mies heads printed on the glass though? Render more information on it.

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