Friday, August 08, 2008

With $4 gas, you might as well fill up under a really cool cantilever
During trips to the North Shore, I often stopp in Cloquet, home to a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed gas station and Gordy's Hi Hat Drive-In. While the gas station always bummed me out (it seemed down on its luck), Gordy's was flying high serving yummy burgers and fries in a classic on-the-road fashion.

Well, now comes news that Best Oil, the owners of Lindholm Service Station, has just spent $150,000 spiffing up Wright's only gas station. The above photo comes courtesy of the Duluth News Tribune, which reports that the building draws 6-12 visitors daily who are more interested in the architecture than putting a tiger in their tank.

“You would be amazed by the amount of people that come and look at us,” said Chris Chartier, who works at the station. “It doesn’t really do a lot for us, but you take that with being in a Frank Lloyd Wright building.”

After reading the News Tribune story, be sure to check out the Minnesota Public Radio slideshow, which includes a 1957 flyer promoting the business: "A New Exciting Service Station ... daringly designed by Frank Lloyd Wright." I love that "daringly designed" line.

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