Friday, January 18, 2008

Should Minneapolis remove its skyways in an effort to revitalize its streets?
That's the question we asked Building Minnesota readers over the past week. In an unscientific poll, a majority of respondents (58 percent) said that was a "simplistic solution to a complex urban problem." About one-third of readers (30 percent) said, "Yes. Skyways are for sissies." (I hope these people are walking outside today! Brrrrr.) And one-fifth of people (20 percent) completing our little survey embraced the elevated walkways: "Heck no. I'd freeze to death," they said.

When I designed the poll, I allowed readers to vote in more than one category. That's why the percentages listed above exceed 100 percent. (Gallup and Zogby will never hire me.)

Surprisingly, no one said, "I love that song by the Replacements." I do.

You take the skyway
High above the busy little one-way
In my stupid hat and gloves at night I lie awake
Wondering if I'll sleep
Wondering if we'll meet out in the street

You take the skyway
It don't move at all like a subway
It's got bums when it's cold like any other place
It's warm up inside
Sittin' down and waitin' for a ride
Beneath the skyway

Oh, then one day, I saw you walkin' down that little one-way
Where, the place I'd catch my ride most everyday
There wasn't a damn thing I could do or say
Up in the skyway


Anonymous said...

Think this fellow was inspired by
the discussion here...

Great song by the Replacements...wonderful photo too...
The Skyways as a sidestreet of lost love..another function of their features...

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, no one said, "I love that song by the Replacements."

I love that song by The Replacements!

Growing up in Iowa, we called skyways "skywalks" and until I moved to Minneapolis I never even realized what the song was about.

Great tune, about a great system of elevated walkways!