Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baseball writer loves new Twins stadium
Jin Souhan can't wait for April 2010 when a Minnesota Twins pitcher (probably not Johan Santana) throws the first pitch at the team's new downtown ballpark. Souhan is a sports columnist for the Star Tribune and maybe he's suffering from cabin fever. Or maybe he's just plain impressed with the design for the new stadium. Either way, he's excited.

"The joint is unique. The rough limestone and wooden outer walls are interspersed with glass 'knotholes,' so fans walking by can see the field," Souhan writes. "The plaza area beyond the right field seats offers a clear view and a beautiful entry into the park."

He also raved about the lack of "traditional light stanchions," wide, heated concourses and the ballpark's intimacy. There may be only 40,000 seats or so in the new stadium. To view a Star Tribune slideshow of the ballpark model, click here.

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