Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I wish my Dad were an architect
I spent a big chunk of my childhood in a relatively treeless suburb. It was a great place to play wiffleball and tackle football, but treehouses were out of the question. That ain't the case for Andrew Birch's children.

Birch is a Minnetonka-based architect whose Dymaxion Treefort was recently featured on the Open Architecture Network, a project of Architecture for Humanity. The Dymaxion Treefort is one-part treehouse, one-part spaceship and 100 percent fun (by the the looks of it).

"This is not a serious effort, per se, but it occurred to me that someone might find it useful as a temporary shelter concept or an above-group cold frame for plantings or storage," Birch wrote. "My young boys asked me in the winter of 2006 to build them a spaceship treehouse."

Click on the link for Dymaxion Treefort (above) for more details.

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