Friday, July 27, 2007

Melby Mashup at access+ENGAGE
The editors at access+ENGAGE asked me to contribute to their most recent issue #19.2. The e-publication is part of the project coordinated by the Walker Art Center. The theme of the issue is "Where We Live."

Here's an excerpt from my essay:

"I’VE BEEN LIVING IN THE SAME CITY FOR A LONG TIME. Maybe that’s why I crave the unusual. I abhor cookie-cutter architecture, which is just as prevalent in urban areas as in cul-de-sac suburbia. (How many three-story brick condos with railed terraces have you seen constructed in recent years?)

"I want buildings that curve, use everyday materials in strange ways, use strange materials in everyday ways, inspire fear or give me pause. I like to nestle next to Moos Tower on a sunny day, bike under the Guthrie’s blue-black cantilever at night and duck into that new box buried behind the Walker Art Center that frames the winter sky."

Read more of the essay and see my "thoughtful collection and image-by-image commentary on dance, architecture, photography and design that offers unexpected insight into what our dwellings reveal about the truth of who we are." Featured artists include Joan Soranno, Julie Snow, Colin Kopp, Black Label Movement and others. Click here to read more. (Photo by Robert Roscoe, Side Wall of Main Street Storefront Building, Virginia, MN)

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