Friday, July 27, 2007

It's about time
Ever wonder if Minneapolis will get around to fixing the City Hall clock? It's been stuck at about 2:50 for what feels like forever. (WCCO-TV reported on the broken clock in April.) Today, the Star Tribune reports that the city is ready to spend $100,000 to get the hands turning again. A Wisconsin company will install some sort of high-tech system that "will receive impulses from satellites to keep the clocks on time and in sync." The work is due to be completed ... Well, the city is vague about exactly when. The article says "early summer or late fall." The city's Municipal Building Commission has great photos of the clock and other historic City Hall features here. Free tours of the building happen at noon on the third Wednesday of the month; the next tour is scheduled for Aug. 15. (Photo courtesy of Municipal Building Commission.)

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