Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The End
Being passionate about a subject doesn't necessarily translate into finding the time or money to create content for a blog. I no longer have enough of either for Building Minnesota ... so I'll be tucking my keyboard into the closet. However, I won't hit the "delete blog" button yet, just in case folks want to access its content. Thanks for reading. Bye.


Anonymous said...

This is a tremendous loss for local and national architectural journalism...burnt out? broke?
probably and yes...but can you
breath air and not do this work?


AIA-MN should have invested in this except bureaucracies never did like exuberant freedom and intellectual rigor...that they can't control...

This should remain...perhaps the
universe will send help to lighten
the burden and Building Minnesota
will continue without demanding
everything you have.

Lisa @ Corporate Babysitter said...

Hope this means other projects are working out for you --

Anonymous said...

it's a sad, sad day when one has to blog for free.

Anonymous said...

Many blogs are alot of off the cuff
yada yada yada...taking but a few
moments to write...but Building Minnesota seems to have involved
much more work and thought than that...this really has been a tremendous a publication for the web...

Co-workers may have helped with some of the labor...but they would not have had your vision.

Where else can we find you and your
work...KFAI? MinnPost...?

matt olson (molu of rolu) said...


maybe you could keep going with a smaller time investment?

i'll miss it.

good luck in future endeavors.



rolu dsgn blog
rosenlof/lucas landscape design

Anonymous said...

What?! And I had just recently found you! Well, I guess I'll have to survive on the archives for awhile.

Thanks for all your hard work.

B Raines said...

Thank you for all your work and effort. I know that you'll be missed, and I hope that you can continue to do your work, and perhaps even post something new here from time to time, even if its sporadic or just a link to work you are doing elsewhere... I thoroughly enjoyed it and read when I could. Now that I'm no longer in Minnesota, I will miss this as a link to what's happening 'back home' architecturally.