Saturday, June 07, 2008

Slideshow: The New, New City
The New York Times created a slideshow to accompany an article in the Sunday magazine on what it is calling "The New, New City." These are the cities that have sprung up with head-spinning quickness in the past decade or so. They don't have city centers. They sprawl. Their governments and their entrepreneurs are hiring the world's most ambitious architects (Holl, Koolhaus, Hadid, Reiser, etc.). You can read the article online or buy the paper tomorrow. Either way, don't miss the slideshow highlighting the growth in Shenzhen, China. Once a fishing village, it now includes both skyscrapers and super dense neighborhoods with "handshake" buildings, so named because you can reach your arm out the window and shake your neighbor's hand. (Photo courtesy of the New York Times)

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