Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Dad's house
Ben Raines isn't an architect yet. But he already has a house remodel under his belt. Raines, a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia, is a native Minnesotan who received his first commission from his father, who owns a house in Shoreview.
"Toward the end of the summer of 2005 my Dad approached me about re-designing his house. I was half way through a master's program for architecture, which is to say: completely inexperienced and almost unprepared. My father and his wife, Maribet, had been searching for a new house off and on for months, if not a full year. They made many low offers, but in the bubble, they’d had no takers. They had seen many houses and figured out what they liked. They also realized that their current location and neighbors, were close to ideal – they just hated their house."
Raines has launched a blog about the project, with photos and commentary. You can read about it here.


B Raines said...

thanks for posting this on your blog! but 'remodel' might be the wrong word, we started over from scratch.

Todd Melby said...

Sorry about that, Ben.

B Raines said...

no worries. Thanks again for the posting.