Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rapson gets a Times obit
It took the New York Times a few days, but darn it, the Old Gray Lady came through with an obituary on Ralph Rapson, a famed Minneapolis architect who died on Saturday at age 93. The Times obit, written by Robin Pogrebin, included material that I'd read in several other places in recent days, but it did offer a couple of graphs on the Rapson Rapid Rocker that I hadn't seen elsewhere. A mid-1940s Bloomingdale's ad called the chair an "innovative and attractive modern take on a traditional piece." Frank Lloyd Wright bought two chairs for $99.50 each. And if you have one of the originals, the Times says they fetch as much as $8,000 today.

The Los Angeles Times and MinnPost also published obituaries in recent days. The Los Angeles Times article includes an interview with Toby Rapson, Ralph's son, who is also an architect. The MinnPost piece was written by Linda Mack.

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