Monday, March 31, 2008

Worlds Away at Walker Art Center
I thought of the Walker Art Center's Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes while listening to a NPR story this morning about an Atlanta couple who moved from the city to the suburbs. Both husband and wife commute more than one hour each way, every day. Gulp.

The Walker Art Center show opened in mid-February and doesn't end anytime soon (mid-August). But the show has already had two architecture related discussions, both of which I missed. Luckily, technology has saved me. It can save you too. You can catch both Drawn Here: Teddy Cruz and Drawn Here: Sean Griffiths of FAT on the Walker Channel, an online video service.

Up next in the Worlds Away series is a panel discussion I'll be hosting. Called Next Exit: The Shifting Landscape of Surburia, the April 24 discussion features Lance Nekar of Metropolitan Design Center, Dan Bergin of Twin Cities Public Television and Michael Lander of Lander Group. (Photo courtesy of Walker Art Center)

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