Friday, November 16, 2007

Andrew's Modern House - Final Chapter

Andrew Blauvelt and Julie Snow are friends. He's design director at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. She's an award-winning architect. After designing Julie's modernist book, Andrew is having Julie design his modernist house.

Since December 2005, we’ve been following the construction of this two-story house, which is located at the corner of 38th and Lyndale in Minneapolis. A year ago, we were on site for the concrete pour. At the time, the second story was framed, the steel beams had arrived, but not much else was finished.

Now construction is complete and Andrew has moved in. The exterior is made of concrete and a Brazilian hardwood called Ipe (pronounced e-pay). The east face of the house has a stunning sea of beautiful windows. And the inside has some of the most stunning pieces of modern furniture you’ll ever see. (Photos by Scott Theisen)

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wrongjohn said...

I just saw this house by chance last night because of all the construction detours. Stunning.. especially given the surroundings. Most modern gems around the twin cities are tucked away in high-brow neighborhoods or a part of large estates. Its great to see great architecture in just the house-next door in a regular, very urban neighborhhood.