Monday, October 29, 2007

Strib: More Jim Dayton please
Jim Dayton must have enjoyed having coffee yesterday, reading the Star Tribune at home. In a Withering Glance column in the Sunday Source section, reporters Rick Nelson and Claude Peck beg for more buildings designed by the Minneapolis architect.

As long as we're talking urban design, I vote for more buildings by architect James Dayton. Have you seen his sparkly new MacPhail Center for Music? Dang, that thing is looking good. It's a bummer that the Portland -- his totally cool loft condo project just down the street -- just got yanked off the drawing boards.

CP: The new concert hall inside MacPhail is très beau."

Nelson and Peck also longed for the opening of the Shubert ("some arts-loving Santa Claus ... write the check") and complained about ugly planters next to the Hennepin County jail and along Third Avenue, both in downtown Minneapolis.

Here's an interview I did with Jim Dayton this summer about his design philosophy and the new MacPhail Center for Music, which is due to open in January.

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