Monday, October 22, 2007

Lustron homes bulldozed in Indiana
PreservationNation, The National Trust for Historic Preservation's blog, reports that 34 Lustron houses in Indiana will soon be gone. “I’m really disappointed. It’s just a huge loss for Lustron owners across the country,” says Todd Zeiger of the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. Minneapolis is home to 10 Lustron homes, including one on Cedar Avenue South that was updated by IOTA, a local architecture firm. A documentary film about Lustrons is now showing on PBS television stations. I have no idea if Twin Cities Public Television is planning on airing that doc, but I hope they do.


Andrew said...

Why couldn't people buy them and ship them somewhere else? Talk about prefab

Anonymous said...

Your information is incorrect. The Lustrons are located on a marine base in Quantico, Virginia.

Also you are incorrect about the number of Lustrons in Minneapolis, there are eleven.

Todd Melby said...

Thanks for your attention to detail.