Thursday, October 04, 2007

Early UM campus drawings at Weisman
In conjunction with the National Trust for Historic Preservation conference field session highlighting historic preservation efforts at the U of M, the Weisman Art Museum will present an exhibition of original architectural drawings from the 1880s focusing on some of the earliest U buildings located in the historic knoll area that were designed by Minnesota architect Leroy Buffington.

Regent John S. Pillsbury led U of M campus development during the 1880s and 1890s. During this time, Buffington designed the campus landmarks Eddy Hall (1886), Pillsbury Hall (1889), Nicholson Hall (1890), and Burton Hall (1894). Buffington's relationship with Pillsbury began with the Pillsbury A Mill (1881) commission and other buildings designed for Pillsbury and his family members. The exhibition will display 28 drawings from the L.S. Buffington Collection at the Northwest Architectural Archive. They illustrate the range of Buffington's work for the U and the Pillsburys, including many drawn by his draftsman, Harvey Ellis. Historic photographs from the Minnesota Historical Society accompany many of the drawings.

The drawings will be on display through Oct. 21.

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