Friday, September 28, 2007

Great adaptations in Architecture Minnesota
There are great original designs and there are great adaptations. The most recent issue of Architecture Minnesota focuses on great adaptations, as in building adaptations. Topping the list is Elness Swenson and Graham's reuse of the F&M Bank in Minneapolis into a Westin Hotel. Also on the list, according to the magazine, are "MS&R's thoughtful restoration of a rough, industrial Philadelphia shipping yard into Urban Outfitter's headquarters is also featured. [...] The City of Albert Lea is ahead of the curve with adaptive reuse as it spurs the redevelopment of the Freeborn Bank building."

I haven't been to Philadelphia or Albert Lea lately, so I can't comment on the reuse of the industrial shipping yard or the small town bank. But the former big bank in downtown Minneapolis is a swanky place for drinks and romance. B.A.N.K. has already received a reputation for its blueberry mojito, a fruity, blue high. The bar/restaurant, which is in the handsome wood lobby of the art deco bank, also offers private dining rooms, which I should book for a holiday party. Cheers.

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