Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Calatrava complained to Pawlenty about I-35W bridge bidding process
The Star Tribune reports that world famous architect Santiago Calatrava wrote a letter to Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty eight days ago expressing frustration with the I-35W bridge bidding process.

wrote. The Spanish-born architect, known for his innovative bridge designs, teamed with Walsh/American Bridge team. "After working so hard on the design and creating over 130 drawings and two models, we are very disappointed that we have not had the opportunity to present our proposal," Calatrava wrote. MnDOT awarded the contract to Flatiron Constructors of Colorado.

Calatrava has many fans in Minnesota, including Ed Kodet of Kodet Architectural Group. In 2004, Kodet and a colleague wrote that “Santiago Calatrava exemplifies sculptural expression and engineering through architecture. Calatrava’s work is like music: well orchestrated. It is architecture that delights and finds new meaning each time it is experienced.” Those words are from a nomination Kodet made to award Calatrava with the AIA 2005 Gold Medal.

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