Saturday, June 23, 2007

Moving the Schubert Theatre

The world of You Tube is vast, sometimes silly, sometimes stupid and sometimes educational. This video shows the moving of the still unopened Schubert Theatre. It has an overly dramatic narration, but it's fun to watch.


Anonymous said...

So did they get the $1 million from
the legislature in 2006 or they
get a line item veto?

It would be interesting to know what's happening if anything to the building...must be discouraging for those trying
to restore it as the State and Pantages theaters were.

From the outside the theater looks
pretty small...hard to imagine how
much space is actually available inside.

Todd Melby said...

Great question. I posted an update on the Schubert fundraising campaign several weeks ago, but that was before the Lesgislative session ended. (Search the blog for Schubert and it should pop up.) When I return from vacation in a few days, I'll follow up on your suggestion.