Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In the papers ...
There's lots of news to pass on. The Star Tribune reported on John Dwyer's Clean Hub. We featured an interview with Dwyer, the founder of Shelter Architecture, on the Building Minnesota podcast. You can listen to that at podlounge or at iTunes.

The Star Tribune has also published stories on possible uses for St. Paul's Ford Plant and a farewell column from architecture critic Linda Mack.

Meanwhile, the national media has been covering the June 23 opening of Philip Johnson's Glass House. On Tuesday, Ada Louise Huxtable wrote a memorable piece in the Wall Street Journal. A friend of Glass, she mourns the loss of the painting "Burial of Phocion" by Nicolas Poussin. The painting remains in the house, she writes, but it has faded, nearly beyond recognition. The rest of the house and the grounds have been managed admirably, she writes. The Times also did a piece on the building, which you can read here, if you are a Times Select member.

And then there was this piece, buried in the Times national section the other day. Cleveland wants to demolish Marcel Breuer's Cleveland Trust Tower (above, photo by David Maxwell for the New York Times). Preservationists want to save it. Irony alert: The design of the Cleveland Trust Tower is essentially the same building Breuer had proposed to construct on top of Grand Central Station in New York, a fight that helped birth the preservation movement.

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