Monday, June 04, 2007

Frank Gehry has a sense of humor
So this guy in New York started making "F---"-themed T-shirts. His first foray into the T-shirt business focused on his hatred of yoga. It read: "F--- Yoga." Without the hyphens. The shirt was a hit, but he struggled about what the focus on his second T-shirt should be. And then it dawned on him: Frank Gehry, stararchitect.

"With all the press for Bilbao, the Disney Concert Hall, a tolerance center in Jerusalem, it was like Frank had just put his foot down on top of us and crushed us," Barnaby Harris, T-shirt creator, told the New Yorker. "He had Brad Pitt making his coffee. You win, Frank.”

Anti-Gehry activists began wearing the T-shirts. A friend of Gehry's heard about the shirts and Harris sent him a few. The designer of the Weisman (there's the Minnesota connection!) began wearing the "F--- Frank Gehry" T-shirts around the office and while lifting weights at his local health club. "Everybody got a kick out of that," Gehry said. "The tough gals at the gym said, 'If it’s an offer, you better be able to deliver, Mr. Gehry.'"

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