Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mack opts for Strib buy-out
It's been rumored for weeks; now it's official. Linda Mack, architecture critic for the slumping Star Tribune, has agreed to take the buy-out from the newspaper. She will leave 425 Portland in early June. After leaving her longtime employer, Mack promises not to be idle. "I plan to talk to a lot of people and get involved in efforts to improve the city, as well as keep writing," she says (in an e-mail interview).

Mack recently weighed in on the long simmering Metro Transit buses on Nicollet Mall controversy in this Star Tribune piece.

A Thursday morning update: Mack's departure warranted mention yesterday in Architectural Record. Janet Abrams of the UM Design Institute had this to say about the loss of local architecture reporting in the Star Tribune: “It’s a shame if there isn’t going to be consistent coverage at precisely the time when the Twin Cities are in an ascendant position.”

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Linda Mack for your intelligent and illuminating writing about architecture...you told us about,important buildings and events, valiant rescues, local archiects and the distinctive new public buildings in Minneapolis.

Your most recent article on the need for a vibrant neighborhood design near the New Guthrie was
profound and necessary...who else
would have commented on this issue
and been so absolutely right about

I look forward to seeing your writing in print and on the internet...may you find a source
that allows you to continue to do your best work, with as many words as it takes, and pays well!