Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In the papers: Orchestra Hall, DeLaSalle football field and Richard Meier

It's never too late for a facelift.

Orchestra Hall in downtown Minneapolis has $90 million worth of renovation plans. According to the Star Tribune, those plans include "
expansion of the lobby onto Peavey Plaza adjacent to the hall; construction of a restaurant on the plaza and additional facilities to make the plaza more amenable to outdoor concerts; and installation of new seats, including 150 around the back of the stage."

Linda Mack weighs in on the controversial football field
on Nicollet Island in Minneapolis. Local residents have resisted the idea for months. The city and private school on the island hope it moves forward. Mack on the design by Tom Meyer of MS&R: "It's not ideal. But it's better than blight."

And if you ever wanted to see architectural models of Richard Meier, schedule an appointment, and travel to Queens, New York on a Friday. You can read more about it here.

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Anonymous said...

It's not just neighbors who want to preserve the St. Anthony Falls Historic District. These are a few of the groups and individuals are on record opposing the DeLaSalle stadium project:
- Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission (twice by unanimous vote rejected stadium plan, including Tom Meyer's plan, saying damage to district can't be mitigated)
- The National Trust for Historic Preservation (filed lawsuit in MN Court of Appeals
- Preservation Alliance of MN (also party to lawsuit; named proposed stadium site to Ten Most Endangered Historic Places list two years running and maybe this year too)
- National Park Service - Mississippi National River and Recreation Area
- Sierra Club - North Star Chapter
- Friends of the Mississippi River
- Friends of the Riverfront
- Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association
- Prospect Park-East River Road Improvement Association
- St. Anthony West Neighborhood Organization
- Nicollet Island-East Bank Neighborhood Association
- Robert Mack, FAIA, principal, McDonald & Mack Architects
- Robert Roscoe, Design for Preservation, former Mpls HPC chair
- Judith Martin, U of M urban studies chair, former Mpls Planning Commission chair

More info at http://www.ourbeautifulriver.org