Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Shubert gracefully seeks funds
After picking up a copy of the Downtown Journal yesterday, a 12-page brochure promoting the Minnesota Shubert Performing Arts & Education Center fluttered out. Turns out the Hennepin Avenue space still needs $13.3 million to complete the $37 million project. The building, which originally squatted on Block E, was moved in 2000 at an enormous cost to city taxpayers. For me, the most convincing reason to donate to the cause is its eventual home as a place for dance performance. "Dance is the most underserved art form in our community," the brochure argues. Testimonials from James Sewell of James Sewell Ballet, Loyce Houlton of Minnesota Dance Theatre and Linda Andrews of Zenon Dance Company, illustrated the problems well. (Sewell complains of a lack of permanent home for his company, saying the Guthrie is great, but it's often booked.) For an overview of the project, listen to this Minnesota Public Radio story.

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Anonymous said...

I'm fairly sure the article above meant to say that Lise Houlton was quoted, and not her mother Loyce who has been dead for over 12 years.