Friday, April 20, 2007

Modernism in a city of historic homes
Lord knows I've got nothing against bungalows, Victorians, Four-Squares and other historic houses. After all, I live in one. But I also dig seeing new design. I'll have the chance to do both at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Home Tour, scheduled for April 28-29. One of my stops will be House #48 at 1265 Stanford in St. Paul. Designed by RoherSchmitt Architecture, this modern design features corrugated metal and cedar siding.

In an e-mail exchange with Building Minnesota, architect Michael Roehr had this to say about the house: "The house we have on the tour ... was a great collaboration between us, the client and the builder. The budget was tight and the expectations high, but working closely together we were able to achieve all of the clients’ objectives in a clean modern package for less than $150/sf. The design is very efficient and easily adaptable to other sites and contexts. We see it as a prototype for an affordable modern house on a typical urban lot -- a loft with a yard."

Kevin Behr of the Star Tribune was also intrigued with the house. And he got a sneak peek, which you can read here.


Eric Olson said...

Is the house pictured the one referred to? I'm a little confused... the article you mention is written by Kevin Behr an not Linda Mack... though they could be easily confused as he seems to traffic in the shame based approach to modernism that Mack favors. But anyhoo, the house pictured is beautiful but doesn't appear to be House #48.

Todd Melby said...

You're right about the author of the Star Tribune article. It was Kevin Behr. However, it is indeed House #48.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I did not get to #48,
I'd be interested in reading comments from people who did...

I did get to 135 Arthur in Propect
Park and was very impressed by
the iMac slide show owner Jack
had running also also the detailed blog that he and Stacy kept of their project...I'd like to see more of these.

Tough to pick a favorite house since I only saw some in MPLS but
3131 Park Ave So, a boarded house
with excellent "bones" in a dicey
neighborhood...magnificently restored and appropriately
updated by a mom, dad and four
boys over a period of 14 years with more to do outside...
was an inspiring SAVE!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... I saw it on the home tour and it looks like a copy of the HIVE house, just not pre-fab. I couldn't tell from the architect's website if they were related or had worked together in the past. (maybe both once worked at Alchemy on the Wee house?) But i'm just an architecture student so what do i know...i would like to work for a firm with original ideas in the future.