Thursday, April 12, 2007

Design and its Publics: Curators, Critics and Historians
I posted information on this conference a couple of weeks ago, but that was before finding this great image of the speakers. Sponsored by the Design Institute and the Department of Art History, this free, two-day event will take place at the University of Minnesota on April 27-28. Among the speakers: Suzanne Stephens of Architectural Record, Paola Antonelli and Barry Bergdoll of MoMA, Frances Anderton of the DnA: Design and Architecture radio show in Los Angeles, Margaret Crawford of Harvard and Zoe Ryan of the Art Institute of Chicago. Saturday's topic sounds really enticing: "New curatorial strategies for architecture and design." That's a great topic because it's always tough to bring a building alive inside a museum. Not too long ago, I saw the Zaha Hadid show at the Guggenheim museum. It was fine, but it didn't really sing and won't ever be a substitute for experiencing the real thing.

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