Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Weisman Art Museum: More Marsden Hartleys on display
These two photos show the four new galleries (top photo) and the conceptual plan for the Target Studio for Creative Collaboration (lower photo) for the Weisman Art Museum building expansion in Minneapolis. (For more information on the addition, see today's other post.)

Weisman Director Lyndel King calls the four galleries facing Coffman Union "pods" and says the museum requested that architect Frank Gehry avoid designing slanted walls. "We need our space to be flexible," she says. "We can't have a wall that's dedicated to just one thing."

The Weisman Art Museum is well known for its collection of Marsden Hartley paintings. But right now, only two of the museum's 65 paintings are on display. When the new galleries open in 2009, King promises to have 20 or 30 Hartleys on permanent display. Same goes for the Georgia O'Keeffe and Arthur Dove paintings now languishing in the Weisman's storage area (or out on loan). There will also be more space for the museum's impressive collection of pottery, which includes many works by local legend Warren MacKenzie. (Photos by Todd Melby)

To listen to an interview with Lyndel King, click here.

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