Thursday, March 29, 2007

Historic Saint Paul: Singh lecture and new neighborhood guides
Using a fancy computer program, Paul Singh, a UM grad student at the Humphrey Institute, will present an analysis of St. Paul's potential for future historic preservation. Sponsored by Historic Saint Paul (which seems to be the proper way to spell St. Paul when you want to emphasize its historic nature), Singh's presentation is scheduled for noon on April 10 in Room 326 at Landmark Center. In noodling around the Historic Saint Paul website, I found three cool guides the nonprofit has produced on the West Side, Payne Avenue and East Side to Lowertown. These informative guides are available as PDFs here or by calling (651) 222-3049. The guide to the West Side answers the question, "Why do they call it the West Side?" when it's clearly east of downtown. For the uninformed, pick up the guide and find out.


Claire Stokes said...

There are two other "cool guides" published by Historic Saint Paul ... one about Selby Avenue and the other on Rice Street. These are now available from the HSP office. Read up then stroll down any of these historic Saint Paul neighborhoods.

Todd Melby said...

Great. Thanks for correcting the record. And with summer soon here, it'll be a perfect time for people to explore the city.